Craft Beer Tasting

Time is running: on April 25th, 2015, we are presenting "Mulu Amber", our Craft Beer with a strong character. For this unique event we’ll invite the first 20 Craft Beer experts to enjoy this event with us. Do not hesitate and tell us with your “enjoyment-mail”, so you won’t miss the premiere of "Mulu Amber" in any case.


NUBIABREW – History In The Name

About Nubia uncountable legends and myths are told. The Egyptians culturally assimilated the Nubian people so the stories of Nubian culture are based on narration and tradition. Today the Nubian […]

Mulu Amber, Amber Craft Bier

Mulu Amber – Pure Character

A clear color and the tantalizing crown deserve our Amber-Beer a “big stage”. Learn what tasted a tester developing “Mulu Amber”: Very tasty, with a slight caramel note and some […]


Abate Yimam – Brew Master With History

The beer brand NUBIABREW tells the extraordinary story of his master brewer. The native Ethiopian Abate Yimam equally incorporates the tradition of its African origin and the closeness to Switzerland, […]

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Abate Yimam

Graduate Brewmaster, CEO

Born in Ethiopia and raised in Switzerland. Graduate brew master, still working in the quality management of a large beverage company.

Travel, languages & cultures, cooking, dancing, football

Atoma Gudissa

Executive Director, CFO

Born in Ethiopia and raised in Switzerland. He studied IT Engineer with a Degree in Master of Advanced Science, he works for a global service provider for software quality solutions.


Marathon, swimming (Ironman Zürich); Club Table Tennis, Literature

Pascal Bieri

Business Development

Born and grown up in the wild Est of Switzerland. Mastered in Geography working as Portal Manager for the Swiss Tourism.

Music, web, reading, good win and spirits


Craft beers in Europe are still an insider tip. In the US, the country of origin of "Craft Beer", the term is particularly defined by a maximum of annual production. However, Swiss beer lovers expect an artisan beer. In this country the brewers of Craft beers distinguish themselves by experimentation and a varied selection of beers that have a strong character.



Thank you for your interest in "Mulu Amber". If you want to list our craft beer in your shop or place an order for private enjoyment, please get in touch with us directly.

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